Monday, November 14, 2011

Home school myths by Amy

Ok here are some home school myths that I've had people ask me over the years

1.Do you get to leave the house?
Yes! We have to hang out with other homeschool nerds.

2. Do you have friends that are not relatives?
Yes! Just cause we are homeschooled doesn't mean we are aliens the outside world.

3. Do you get to sleep in?
No School starts at 8:30.

4. Do you get to wear your pjs to school?
NO we have to get dressed in real clothes.

5. What activities can you do?
We are in a ballet class, Keepers at home, and choir at church.

6. Do you socialize?
As I have stated in previous answers, YES, we are socialized, sometimes we have so many activities we don't get school work done.



  1. Dear Nerdy, Alien, Unsocialized homeschooled daughter....I love you! (you are perfect just the way you are!)


  2. HAHA! I love it! :D :D People are so funny. :P Count me in with the nerdy aliens! XD