Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The Kowari is a small carnivore marsupial that lives in the central areas of Australia that have dry grasslands and also the deserts.
It is similar in appearance to a mouse or a gerbil, however it is known as a very efficient predator of spiders, insects, small lizards, and other small animals.
It grows to 18 centimeters (7 inches) in length and has a 14 centimeter (5.5 inch) long tail. They are light on their feet, very quick, and are usually a molted brownish ash color, with a lighter underbelly, and the same light to white fur on their legs. They have large ears, eyes, and an excellent nose, and can track prey and strike with lightning speed.
The Kowari lives in burrows that it can dig for itself, or that it will steal from others,Their burrows can become complex as more live in the same one, and serve as a hiding place for most the day. As mostly a nocturnal creature, it will sometimes very rarely be seen out during the day; however some have been observed hunting in broad daylight, but mostly they come out to bask in the sun.
The Kowari has no need to find a source of water as long as there is food - it gets all of its moisture from prey.
The Kowari is a species at risk of extinction due to habitat loss and possibly disease.

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