Monday, December 23, 2013

building a rabbit run

what you need is wire cube organizer ( I got mine at target for $25 but you can get them at bedbath and beond for $20 and you can use a coupon but ours dint have it ) and zip ties

zip tie the first two to gather if some of the grid's have bigger then do a big one and a small one

 zip tie the sections to gather ( tip put all the small grids on the bottom or your rabbit mite figure out he or she can stick you head throw it ............ yea)

I got the shower curtain form dollar tree

put down the shower curtain so that if something spills or our rabbit pees it dosint runnin any thang (aka carpet hard wood and so on)

then put the fleece down do your rabbit cant tare the shower curtain and you wach it if it gets nasty

here's the final run  hoped you enjoyed

Jack playing in his new run he love's it

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