Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bible Drill

The purpose of Mississippi Student Bible Drill is to challenge students to develop skills
in using their Bible. Working together to prepare for the drill students increase their
love for the Bible, and its words and phrases become a part of them.

Six calls (Bible held but not opened)
References are taken from the verses in this
leaflet or on this year’s verse card. The caller
gives the reference (Example: Genesis 1:31).
If the driller knows the verse, he steps forward
one step on the command “start” prepared to
quote the verse and state the reference.

Six calls (Bibles used)
The caller announces a scripture reference to be found. Scripture Searching calls are taken from
any part of the Bible. A participant must locate the Scripture reference and place his index finger
on the verse before he steps forward. When called upon, he must be able to read the verse and
state the scripture reference.

Six calls (Bibles used)
Only the Key Passages listed in this leaflet will be used. The caller gives the reference by stating
the subject or title given to the passage (example: "God’s Covenant with Abraham"). The
participant finds Genesis 12:1-3, places his index finger on any portion of the passage, and steps
forward. When called upon, the participant will state the title of the key passage and the reference.
The leader will designate one or more verses to be read aloud by the participant.

Six calls (Bibles used)
The caller announces a question taken from the Bible Answers Drill. Before he steps forward, a
driller must correctly locate the verse listed that answers the question. When called upon, he must
be able to quote the question, read the correct verse, and state the reference.

Students participating in State Drills will receive one of the following seals indicating
their level of performance:
0-2 Mistakes ..............Superior
3-4 Mistakes ..............Excellent
5-6 Mistakes ..............Good
7 or More Mistakes ...Participant


  1. I am proud of the hard work you and Will put into this! Learning the scriptures, references, bible passages is a great way to spend your time! We are praying that you both do well this year again!

  2. Wonderful! I pray that the Lord will bless you and Will for the effort to "Hide His Word in your heart."! I think competitions like these are really neat, because it gives you an incentive to memorize the scripture! What are you memorizing right now? I am working on the book of James! It is my favorite book in the Bible! Also the gospel of John with a friend. Hope all is well with you and your family!